November 2012 Monthly Fitness Stats

Coming into 8 weeks of this training and I was starting to feel a bit stronger. Only a small weight change at this point so I didn’t feel or look a lot different physically, but my energy level was increasing and so was my confidence. I implemented several small changes in November.

I did some revamping of my workout studio so my treadmill faces the TV, with just enough space in front for stretching, using my Aero Pilates machine or other floor exercises, and added the giant white board for tracking.



Treadmill stats:

1.4 mph starting speed, increased .2 mph each minute to max of 3.0 mph

Duration: 40 to 45 minutes

Again, gave myself the flexibility to try to go for 45 minutes but the permission to only do 40 if that was all I felt like I could do. I was surprised how comfortable I was with doing 45 minutes!

Weights: 3 sets 12 reps

Increased the reps just a little on the weights, continued with a set after each 10 minute interval of walking. 12 reps of the 11 different exercises takes several minutes to do, it leaves me just enough time to “rest” a bit before starting over. I’ve stuck with this for several months now and not sure when I’ll make changes to this part again. I’m not going for super buff upper body but this helps me burn more calories and has over time provided significant toning to my arms that is very noticeable.

Frequency: 3 to 4 times per week

Hard to push myself to do the 4th workout of the week, this is starting to take over all my free time, lol! But I feel proud, a strong sense of accomplishment to be able to say I worked out 4 times in a week!

Run intervals: 4.0 mph (hey, I’m only 5’2″ tall – – to me, that is a run! ha!)

Added a big new challenge this month: running! ok, jogging. Whatever. My goal was every time I hit a 10 minute mark on my walk I would run for 1 minute. Seemed like the longest minute of my life, but I was able to make it and do it again 2 more times within one walk so I started adding this as a regular part of my walk.

Workout now looks like this: Walk at starting speed, increasing speed slowly until I hit max speed – gives my muscles time to warm up. Do my first set of weights while I am warming up in my speed. Walk at max speed until 9 minutes – then run 1 minute. Follow by second set of weights. “Rest” after weights by walking at max speed until 19 minutes – time for 1 minute run. Follow with 3rd set of weights. Then walk max speed for a few minutes until 29 minutes – one more run interval then begin to slowly cool down and wrap up around 40 or 45 minutes.

I feel like I added a lot this month even though it was just little changes. Starting to feel stronger and noticing my clothes feel just a little better. Down 5 pounds at this point. I should mention it was in this month that I got back to using and started getting serious about logging my food and improving my nutrition. That is probably why I was feeling so much more empowered this month! (Thank you CC!)

I know from previous attempts to lose weight that the ONLY thing that has ever really worked for me is counting calories. It’s basic math, burn more calories than you take in and when the numbers add up to a certain amount you lose weight. So, the only way to make the math work out is to track the numbers.

Ending weight: 140 lbs