Catching Up

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but wanted to bring this blog up to speed a bit.  I may have more time this weekend for posting more info on what’s been going on over the last few months, but this is a quick recap.
I implemented several changes since the injury after my last race in June, and they seem to be helping quite a bit.  For starters, I took 2 weeks off all the walking/running just to make sure my leg had time to get back to normal.  At that point I started the 30 day arms challenge and also an Ab’s challenge, and saw those through for a month.
Then I started on a 7 week walking plan designed by the folks at Runners World magazine, and it was designed for people who really hadn’t been exercising much at all so it was like going back to square one.  Since I wasn’t sure at what point I did “too much too soon” to cause the overuse injury in my calf, I figured I’d start at the beginning and see if it happened again so I’d know what the ‘breaking point’ was exactly.
So, 7 weeks of walking 4 days a week with the length of time of each day increasing each week.  Then I started another 7 week plan designed to “start running”.  The first 2 weeks of that was actually all walking.  Then intervals started.  First week was 1:00 running, 4:00 walking, repeated however many times for the duration of the session.  The next week was 1:00 run, 3:00 walk.  Then 2:00 run, 3:00 walk.  After so much time going by it was really challenging to run for 2 minutes straight and to repeat that several times over 40 minute or so!  Then it went to 2:00 run 2:00 walk.  I stayed on that two weeks because I had a week where I got the flu shot and ended up with a mild version of the flu and was out of pocket for about 5 days, so the following week I just repeated that one since I didn’t do all the scheduled days of running the week I was sick.  
The training schedule I’ve been keeping is basically 20 minutes on Mondays, 40 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 55 minutes on Saturday.  From there I can tell if I’m improving, if I can squeeze a little more mileage out of each session then I did the last time I did that time frame.  The last week of the training is 2:00 running 1:00 walking, and that leads me right up to my 5K race at the Wicked Halloween Run.
So now about 4 months “post injury” and I only had one little flare-up with the calf swelling issue, and that was shortly after I started the running intervals.  I made a little change and have been good ever since.  What I did was bought some “calf compression sleeves” that I wear now when I run.  And I got compression socks that I usually put on for about 2 hours or so after each run.  And I’m being more diligent about properly warming up and stretching before I start the run and a minimum of 10 minutes of stretching directly following each run.  The stretching and compression have worked wonders for my leg!
I’ve lost a couple more pounds since my last blog posts, I’m down to 119 now which is awesome!  It’s amazing now that I’m staying so active how easy it’s been to maintain a good weight.  I still log all my foods just to make sure I’m staying on track but I find that I can splurge on treats and go over my calories on special occasions and it really has no impact on my weight as long as I just keep up with my running 4 days a week.

February 2013 – Last Chance Workout Month

“Last chance workout” month before leaving for our cruise!

We went on an 8 night Caribbean cruise, it was fantastic! We planned all of our excursions to include a lot of walking and calorie-burning activities. And for the first time ever, we used the fitness center on the ship! So while we certainly did indulge in food (and adult beverages) we really kept the damage to a minimum. Most of the time we each gain almost 10 lbs on a week-long cruise. This time I only gained 5 and I think Jim gained 6 lbs. And we were both able to drop those pounds really quick within a week or so after coming home.




February Stats:

Speed: 2.0 mph start, increase .2 per minute to max of 3.0 mph

While working out on the ship I started increasing my max speed to 3.2 mph. This seemed pretty comfortable, so I kept it going the rest of the month.

Duration: 45 – 50 minutes

Started trying to push duration out a little further, the month was a mix of about every other workout between 45 to 50 minutes.

Weights: 3 sets, 12 reps

Frequency: 4 times per week

Run intervals: 2 to 2-1/2 minutes

Had one day on the ship that I just felt so full of energy, I pushed out my run intervals to about 5 minutes and couldn’t believe I could do it!!

Incline: 3 to 4, variable

Aero Pilates: once per week, 30 minutes

Average Burn: 269

Ending Weight: 130 lbs (yay! intermediate goal weight!)
I actually got to this weight right before we left for the cruise. Then I gained 5 lbs while on the cruise, then lost it again within about a week of coming home, so closed out the month at this weight still, yay me!! 🙂