December 2012 Monthly Fitness Stats

December I was in full swing momentum of embracing my lifestyle change. I had more energy and clothes were starting to fit better, this was good motivation to keep going full steam ahead!

I was, however, worried about the food frenzy that would invariably come with the holidays so I committed to working even harder to offset that.

Indulging in holiday treats like these resulted in gaining 5 lbs over Christmas!

Indulging in holiday treats like these resulted in gaining 5 lbs over Christmas!

Treadmill stats:

Speed: 1.6 mph start, increase .2 per minute until reaching max speed 3.0 mph

Notice a pattern here? Increasing starting speed by just 2/10ths of a mph each month. Still a nice slow start to warm up and avoid injury but slowly conditioning myself to be able to do more, and the faster I start the sooner I reach max speed and the more calories are burned in the end.

Duration: 45 minutes

Building consistency now on 45 minute workouts.

Frequency: 4 times per week

November my base goal was 3 X wk and I attempted 4 times in a couple weeks. This month I committed to 4 times per week, every week including Christmas!

Run intervals: 4 mph for 1 to 1-1/2 minutes

Weights: 3 sets, 12 reps

Incline: 2

That’s right, I said it! Incline! Adding this was critical to moving the needle on my calorie burn without adding more speed or duration (which have been key points leading to injury for me in the past).

Aero Pilates: once per week, 10 reps of all, duration about 25 minutes

Wow I am working out 5 days a week, is this for real? I’m loving it!

Average burn: 224 calories
Ending Weight: 137 lbs

(Proud to be down 3 lbs from November’s ending weight, considering I put on a couple of pounds over Christmas and took them back off, in addition to these 3 lbs!)