October 2012 Monthly Fitness Stats

October rolled around, I was just getting into the swing of building consistency with my workouts but still feeling pretty challenged. As I am prone to injury when I go crazy with exercise, I decided my approach would be very small increases to duration and difficulty over a period of time – giving my body time to become comfortable with those changes before adding more to the program. So my intent became to take a month to develop small changes into habit then work on one or two new small changes the next month and so on and so forth.

Treadmill stats:

1.2 mph starting speed, increased by .2 mph each minute until reaching max speed of 3.0 mph.

Duration: 30-40 minutes

Gave myself the flexibility to go for 40 minutes when I felt like I could do it, and the permission to stop at 30 if I felt like I needed to. I was able to do 40 minutes more often than I thought I would.

Frequency: 3 times per week

Added hand weights while walking. I have small, round, water filled hand weights that are easy to hold while walking. They probably only weigh 1.5 to 2 lbs each. I started with a circuit of 11 different upper body exercises with the weights, doing 10 reps of each exercise. Each time I hit a 10 minute mark I would do a set of these weight exercises (while walking) so I was doing 3 sets of 10 throughout my walk.

Ending weight: 142 lbs

Also in October 2012, I turned 40 (gasp!) Turns out, it’s not as bad as I thought. 🙂