April 2013 Monthly Fitness Stats

April brought with it a fresh sense of determination. After having struggled a bit in March with consistency & intensity dropping off a bit, I knew I needed to kick things back into high gear.


Speed: 2.2 mph starting speed (which is 0.20 increase over last months starting speed), max speed stayed at 3.2 mph.

Duration: 50 minutes

Weights: 3 sets, 12 reps

Run intervals: 3-1/2 minutes at 4.1 mph
(this is a 30 second increase on the interval time, and a 0.10 mph increase on the speed)

Incline: 4-5

I really tried to get up to a consistent 5 on the incline, but I have to admit, that was HARD! Especially on the run intervals. The best I got up to by the end of the month was starting at 5 incline and keeping up with that through the whole walk except dropping it down to 4 during the run intervals.

Average Burn: 306

Ending Weight: 126.0

This is a 2.6 lb loss over last month! 🙂 Considering my initial goal was to get to 130 lbs, I NEVER thought I could or would reach this low of a weight, I am very excited about this!!

The size 8 pants I had bought in the last couple weeks have all been taken back to the stores for credit as they are all huge on me now. I’m feeling very comfortable in size 6 and even a couple of things are fitting well in size 4. I can’t believe just a few months ago I was SO excited to buy size 8 pants and now those just fall off me, LOL!

The Happy Cat

The Happy Cat

This is my cat, “Happy”, affectionately referred to as “The Happy Cat”. This is him doing his imitation of me flopped down, exhausted, after 50 minutes on the treadmill at a 5 incline!