Preparation is key to healthy eating

Eating healthy can be easy if you are prepared.   That means having healthy food on hand, and having it ready to eat.

Let’s face it, the reason we so often turn to prepared, packaged junk food is because it is convenient.  It is ready to eat right when we are hungry.  Tear open a package and eat.  Or grab it and go and eat it on the run.

Using even a small amount of preparation time can turn healthy food options into fast-food, convenient food, but best of all HEALTHY FOOD!

Here are my secrets to the very basics of eating healthy foods.

First of all you have to keep fresh fruits and vegetables on hand.  I used to struggle with this because it required a trip to the grocery store, and I would find myself out of fresh food, hungry and not having the time or motivation to go to the store and re-stock my fridge.  I’ve overcome that obstacle by using a produce home-delivery service.  My husband and I use Door to Door Organics and we absolutely love it!  Every week our box arrives with fresh, local, organic produce and it stays fresh all week long.

The second part is spending some time in preparation ONCE each week, so that this delicious, nutritious fresh produce is ready to eat right when you are ready to eat it!   I have a Sunday afternoon routine where I spend between one hour to maybe an hour and a half cleaning, chopping and packaging my veggies and fruits for the week.  I make up a box of mixed vegetables for both myself and my husband to take to work with us each day for the coming week.  Along with that I package measured servings of some sort of dip for the veggies (I prefer to use Hommus because it is nutritious and low-calorie).  Lastly, I will usually prepare my lunch options for the week as well, like hard-boiling eggs, making up sandwiches, cutting up and measuring out half cup servings of fruit and/or other snacks like crackers.  When I am done, my entire work week is on auto-pilot as far as food is concerned.  I just grab and go every morning on the way out the door.

Today I’m going to give you a visual peek into my kitchen as this process unfolds.  Remember, this does not take more than an hour and a half at the most and saves me from having to do ANYTHING all week long besides grab a container to go in my lunch bag.

The “Veggie Box” as I call it, is a great thing to take to work and snack on all morning.  It keeps me going between breakfast and lunch and fills me with lots of vitamins and minerals that my body needs to stay healthy and well nourished.  And it is very low-calorie!  I usually end up with about 2 cups of vegetables and 3 TBSP of Hommus.  It takes a long time to eat that many veggies so I get that feeling like I am snacking ALL morning!  (Which keeps me from reaching for other things that would not be so good for me!).

This is the nutrition stats for this weeks veggie box, as displayed after I logged the contents of it into

This is the nutrition stats for this weeks veggie box, as displayed after I logged the contents of it into


4 thoughts on “Preparation is key to healthy eating

  1. I too find myself going to the grovery store more to stock up on fruits and veggies. My freezer used to be stuffed with frozen meals, now it’s stuffed with frozen veggies! My mom has changed her eating habits too although I can’t seem to convince her all the white bread she eats isn’t good. At least sometimes she eats wheat! lol You veggie boxes look great. BTW, I forgot to post a couple blogs back that your cats are adorable! I love pugs, but I love cats too!

    • Thanks Cathy, I love my kitties, they are so awesome and full of personality! Patches is happily curled up on my lap right now as I am typing this. 🙂 It’s crazy how much we’ve changed our eating habits. We used to eat a lot of frozen meals, prepared stuff from boxes – we would eat Hamburger Helper and frozen lasagna all the time. Now our freezer is packed with fish filets and frozen vegetables. And our fridge is stuffed with fresh veggies and fruits. It was a long series of small changes over a long period of time, and now our daily diet is unrecognizable compared to the way we ate a few years ago!

    • Also spelled “Hummus”, the brand I buy calls it “Hommus”. It is a Middle Eastern and Arabic food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. A lot of companies make various flavors like roasted red pepper, garlic, pine nut. I prefer the plain/original. It is a smooth texture and a very mild flavor. The chickpeas are good for you, and it is very low-calorie.

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